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Frequently Asked Questions

How is GaugeMaster Pro different from the original iPad/Mac GaugeMaster app?

GaugeMaster Pro has been built from scratch for the web, but it replicates the old GaugeMaster apps very closely. Nevertheless, based on years of usage, and to improve on the old design, some things have changed and others are currently not yet supported. Here is a list of key differences:

  • It doesn’t support Color Arc image fill (may come in the future, but that is still being evaluated).
  • The text arc font size is now always the same as the arc width value, so it is no longer dynamically calculated on exact fit within the arc width based on the baseline type. This has the advantage that now the text size is always the same regardless of the baseline type selected, though with the side effect that text may not always show exactly within the drawn boundaries of the text arc.
    • This also may cause gauges imported from the old iPad/Mac apps, with text in Straight baseline mode, to have slightly different text locations compared to the iPad/Mac apps, as this used different alignment calculations.
  • The “Scale All” feature pinching on the iPad screen when no layers were selected, that would scale the entire gauge, is not available. That feature would scale the gauge by literally scaling all the layers and changing their radius and width values, which was not ideal. The new web app has proper zoom and pan capabilities that allow you to inspect any area of a gauge closer without changing the values of the gauge components.
  • There is no Needles layer, yet.

What’s the future of the old iPad/Mac apps?

GaugeMaster Pro will be replacing the old iPad/Mac apps, and these will be discontinued and removed from the Apple App Store by the end of 2024.

Make sure to make your transition to GaugeMaster Pro before the final date to avoid any disruption to your business. After that date you will still be able to use your installed iPad/Mac apps if you have a permanent license, but subscription features (like save/export/print) will stop working once expired.

Can I open my old GaugeMaster files with GaugeMaster Pro?

GaugeMaster Pro was designed to improve on the original GaugeMaster in as many ways as possible. One of the them was the file format, as originally this was a closed binary format. GaugeMaster Pro improves on this by using a JSON based file format with clear labels.

After the release of GaugeMaster Pro there will be a final update for the GaugeMaster iPad/Mac apps that will include an option to export your old gauge files to the new GaugeMaster Pro format. Keep in mind though that there may be some differences between your original files and the new format due to geometry processing differences. If you find any issues please reach out to JohnCode Support for assistance.

Can I transfer my old GaugeMaster license to GaugeMaster Pro?

GaugeMaster Pro is a new app written from scratch for the web, and as such it is based on a new subscription model. If you have any previous license/s from the old iPad/Mac apps, of any kind, please get in touch at to get you the best possible transition deal for GaugeMaster Pro.

What is the minimum browser window size recommended for GaugeMaster Pro?

The minimum recommended browser window size is 1200x900, but you will get a better experience if you use a window size of 1400x900 or above.

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