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Welcome to the all new GaugeMaster Pro

After over a decade of GaugeMaster for iPad and more recently for Mac, we are very proud to introduce the replacement to both with GaugeMaster Pro, the web app.

This means you'll now be able to use GaugeMaster Pro on any device that can run a web browser, as long as it has a screen large enough, as it is not intended for mobile phones. For the initial release it will only fully support Chrome, as this allows it to make use of the latest web features. Future versions may be compatible with other browsers.

Design dials in minutes instead of hours

Designing dial gauges with generic drawing programs, bitmap or vector based, can be extremely time consuming.

GaugeMaster Pro is an incredibly powerful app designed from the ground up to create radial gauge faces. With simple but powerful tools it allows for the creation of custom gauge faces in a matter of minutes. It is ideal for industrial pressure, temperature or other analog gauges, gauge face restoration, custom car gauges, or round simulator gauges.

All the designs are vector based and can be exported as PNG, SVG or PDF, with SVG and PDF providing a fully vectorised format ideal for high quality output.

Gauge Master Pro is now live!

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If you have a GaugeMaster iPad or Mac app license, please make sure to read the FAQ page to help you transition to the new app.

Design complex circular gauges with ease

The gauges below are just a small sample of what you can create with GaugeMaster Pro. All these gauges are available within the app as samples to get you started, and the videos below will show you how they were created in just a few minutes.

Some of the videos below are at x2 or x3 speed for convenience, but at those speeds some of these gauges take a mere few minutes to build, giving you a good sense of how quick an easy it is to create them with GaugeMaster Pro.

Temperature Gauge

  • A simple temperature gauge is very good example of the use of the three core layer types in GaugeMaster Pro.
  • Even on a simple gauge design, the radius and angle snapping come in very handy to help align the different layers at the exact scale positions required.

Pressure Gauge

  • Pressure gauges are a classic analog gauge design, and usually a bit more complex than temperature ones, but easy to create as well on GaugeMaster Pro.
  • The tick marks segment editor is one of the key features to add and adjust scales on your radial gauges with ease.

Refrigerant Gauge

  • This refrigerant gauge uses nonlinear tick marks and text arcs to create precise scales by importing the values from CSV files, which you can generate with any spreadsheet app.
  • For complex designs, the nonlinear tick marks can be individually edited if required.

Helicopter RPM Gauge

  • Simulator circular gauges are what started it all over a decade ago, with the first version of GaugeMaster for iPad.
  • Another good example of how GaugeMaster Pro makes a rather complex gauge seem easy.

Classic Motorbike Speedometer

  • Although custom car gauges and gauge restoration is a classic use of GaugeMaster, for the automotive example I chose a rather unusual and more complex motorbike classic gauge.
  • Another good example of how to apply the GaugeMaster Pro tools in unusual designs.

Classic Pressure Gauge

  • Vintage gauge restoration can be tricky, but GaugeMaster Pro can be a life saver here.
  • This is a relatively simple but unusual classic design, which again show how to combine the core tools to easily recreate this gauge.
  • This gauge also shows a mix of text base lines with Straight and Tangent text styles.

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Visual and Physical Gauges

"With the ability to add text legends and bipolar number scales that can wrap with your scales to your gauge artwork, you will be able to make almost any type of gauge dial for professional and hobby applications."



Layer Group


Align Left

Simple Edit Tools

Unlimited Layers

Radius and Angle Snap

Tick Marks Editor

Text Rotation Angleup

File Export

Chart Simple

File Csv

Text Arcs

PDF and PNG Export

Nonlinear Scales

CSV Scale Import

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Automotive Design

"Exactly what you need if you want to design and print your own gauge dial faces to overlay your existing automotive instrument cluster."

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GaugeMaster has been an amazing journey, especially due to all the incredible stories about the things users create with it. Please do share your gauges’ stories and how GaugeMaster Pro can help you.

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