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GaugeMaster is a novel and cool product which I hope you will have fun using, while making you more productive. Given the specialised nature of this app it is only natural that some questions may arise while using it. In this section you will find the answers to the most common questions asked by GaugeMaster users. If you have a question yourself please don't hesitate to send them to our the support email. Thank you.

1. How do I reorder my model's layers?
On the layers list press the Edit button, and use the reorder control that appears on the right of each layer cell to drag any layer to a new position on the list.

2. How do I print a model at an exact size like 5x5 inches?
First email your model to an account where you can retrieve and print it from a laptop or desktop computer. Import the model PDF file on the email into any word processing or drawing application that can handle PDF file importing (Pages is an excellent option). Once the PDF has been imported into a new document of the chosen application, scale it so it has the exact desired size and print it.

3. How do I load a model, tapping on it doesn't work?
Use double tapping on a model to load it into GaugeMaster. Use single tap to select one or more models for sharing or deleting them. Single tapping on an already selected model will deselect it. Selected models show a blue border around them.

4. How do I create a model with transparent areas?
Colors used for any layers on GaugeMaster can be made completely or partially transparent by adjusting the Opacity level of the color. If you want the model's background to be transparent, modify the Background Color within the Editor Options panel.

5. How do I match the values on a Text Arc layer with the main tick marks on a Tick Marks layer?
Set the Divisions parameter to the same value on both layers, and match their start and end angles when drawing the Text and Tick Marks layers.

6. How can I make a Color Arc to be flush with the first and last tick marks of a Tick Marks Arc?
Make sure that the Angle Snap option is on. While dragging the start angle of the color arc you will notice that, as usual, it will snap to the center of the first tick mark on the Tick Marks arc, keep dragging the color arc start angle until it snaps to the outer edge of that first tick mark. Use the same technique with the last tick mark. The first and last tick marks are special in that they have two snap points, the center of the tick mark and the outer edge of the tick mark.