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The Basics

Layer Types

GaugeMaster models are based on the three basic layers depicted below: Color Arcs, Tick Marks Arcs, and Text Arcs. Since GaugeMaster is specially designed for rounded gauges, the base layers are all based on circular shapes.
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Color Arc

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Tick Marks Arc

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Text Arc

Geometry Tools

The layer types mentioned above share a set of parameters that define their geometry. These parameters are modified very easily with the controls displayed on top of the figures drawn by each layer. Use the BLUE controls to change radius parameters like Inner Radius, Outer Radius, or Arc Center. Use the GREEN controls to change angle parameters like Start Angle, End Angle, or Rotate Arc.
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Radius Controls

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Angle Controls

Arc Options

All layer types share a few options to make your life a little easier. These options allow you to modify a layer's geometry to commonly used shapes like circles or filled arcs. You can use them independently or together to achieve the desired results.
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"Make Circle" Option

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"Make Full" Option

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"Make Circle" + "Make Full" Options