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Designing radial gauges has never been this easy!

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GaugeMaster Lite
Try GaugeMaster with all its features, with up to 5 layers.

Key Features

Unlimited Layers
GaugeMaster allows you to design to your heart's content with unlimited layers.

Snap Heuristics
Gauge designs require precision when matching layers, like numbers to their radials, with GaugeMaster’s snapping options this is as simple as it gets.

Unlimited Undo
No design tool is complete without a reliable undo/redo features, and nothing beats GaugeMaster’s unlimited option.

Useful Information

The Basics
Although GaugeMaster has some very powerful tools to help you design your dials, it’s operation is based around some fundamental tools that you can learn about on this page.

A short collection of frequently asked questions that will help you get the most out of GaugeMaster.